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Pre/Post Surgery Bras and Services


Lady Olga's has been the most recognized for post-mastectomy fittings in the greater New Haven area for over 30 years.

Our reputation has been built largely by word of mouth from satisfied customers, as well many surgeons and physicians

throughout Connecticut. 


We offer the most complete and highest quality selection of pre and post breast surgery products available.

We carry a wide assortment of products, including, but not limited to:

Post mastectomy, lumpectomy and  and reconstructive breast surgery breast prosthesis, camisoles, pocketed bras, 

leisure and swim forms.

At Whispers from Lady Olga's we are proud of our commitment to help women who have undergone breast surgery.

Our fitters are certified, trained, and experienced. We are focused on your need and understand you wishes for privacy.

We have staff members that have battled breast cancer themselves, so we know some of the feelings you may be experiencing. 

We will assess your needs and find you the perfect fitting bras and foundations that'll make you look like yourself again.


Whether you’ve undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy, and whether you’ve chosen to have breast reconstruction or not,

one of your next decisions involves the selection of a breast form and post-surgical bras. Breast forms are designed to look

and feel similar in weight, texture, and color to the natural breast. They are worn outside the body in a special pocketed bra.

In addition to creating a symmetrical appearance, the form will be weighted to restore a natural balance to your body.

Even if you are considering reconstruction at some later date, it is important to wear a weighted form during the intervening time.


We are happy to answer any questions you have, whether you are ready for a fitting, or just gathering information.

Our certified fitters have years of experience and are always happy to share their knowledge. 


Lady Olga's Lingerie is accredited bye the Board of Orthotics/Prosthetics (BOC) and by the American Board for Certification (ABC).

  • Call us for a fitting appointment at (203) 876-7400

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